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ReCircleMan aims at enhancing green transition of manufacturing process by fostering the adoption, tracing and demonstration of sustainable approaches by means of an innovative and circular product information management. This is expected to improve the End-of-Life management of production waste, such as electrical and electronic equipment as well as chemicals. 

To ensure full visibility throughout the value chains, the ReCircleMan solution will be built upon the blockchain technology, providing manufacturing operators, and stakeholder with traceable data to implement end-of-life waste management practices enabling innovative, shared, circular business model. 


Use Cases

Track the position of oil tank, bottles, containers, starting from their shopfloor entrance to the final destination in the waste disposal area, in a easy, and secure way while enabling sustainability.
Track all the devices, components and materials to provide suppliers and customers with real time, accurate and tamper-free data for sustainability analysis.
Track and trace of chemical barrels position within the factory and their key properties from the entrance to their final destination to ensure proper positioning and compliance with regulations.

News & Events


The ReCircleMan project kick-off meeting took place on January 23rd.

Meeting at ELVAL

Meeting with representatives of LMS in the context of the EIT Manufacturing project ReCircleMan on February 22nd, 2023.


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